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Another New Social Media Platform… Really?

What’s this Instagram thing everyone is talking about? Chances are unless you live under a rock you’ve heard of Instagram but may not know exactly what it is. Instagram is now the fastest growing social network, significantly ahead of Facebook and Snapchat, according to TechCrunch. Instagram could actually be the best marketing tool for your business, and it’s patiently waiting for you to jump on board!

There are a few important key points you need to hone-in on to make your Instagram account beneficial for your business:

  • Be sure your profile accurately represents your business! Don’t use your email address from ten years ago as your username… I am begging you. Make your account name and username your business name. The profile picture can be your logo so people can easily identify your brand. Ensure your bio describes your business while also capturing your audience’s attention and if you have a website, be sure to place that in there as well.

  • MAKE YOUR ACCOUNT A BUSINESS ACCOUNT. This will give you the capability to run ads, check insights, and allow users to contact you. It also gives you credibility that you’re a legitimate business.

  • Create an aesthetic on your account and stick to it. If you want to put a border, filter, logo on your photos, that’s fine. But always do it. Keeping an unchanging aesthetic will make your account look neat and clean (see examples below).

  • Post goal-driven content, on a schedule. Before you post anything ask yourself “why” or “who cares.” If nobody is going to care, then maybe it’s not the best content to post. It’s also very important to keep your posting consistent, which is simple to do by keeping and following a schedule.

You’re probably wondering why it’s so important to give Instagram a shot when you haven’t even mastered Facebook yet… here’s why: Instagram is commerce-friendly and a better place for brands. Instagram gives users the ability to link to products directly. What does this mean? EASY SALES! Users buy from the photo without leaving the app.

Still not sold on Instagram? Check out the articles linked below. Trust me- the information speaks for itself. Instagram is exactly what your business never knew it needed.

Okay now’s the time where you pick up your phone and create an Instagram account… Now that we’ve taken care of that, let’s get started!

– Story by Morgan Weaver.

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