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Discover Your Why with the Golden Circle

In the last year, employers are seeing a trend of long-time employees leaving and making a complete career change. This pattern is leaving employers puzzled and confused as to why the employees are making such drastic life decisions so soon after a pandemic. In 2009 author Simon Sinek published the book, Start With Why, which perfectly explains the reason these employees are moving on.

In Sinek’s book, he introduces an idea that he calls the “Golden Circle.” The circle is much like a bullseye, with three different sections. Those sections are labeled “what”, “how”, and “why”. What Sinek suggest you do is ask yourself these questions in context to your career.

Most people know what they do, it’s a simple question to answer. If they understand what they are doing, they can more than likely explain how they do it. Very few, however, can explain why they do their job. By asking why, Sinek doesn’t mean in terms of making a profit or receiving a paycheck. He’s asking what is your purpose, or what is your passion- and does it align with your current career?

Let’s break this down regarding my career:

· What do I do? I help small businesses in my community with marketing and public relations services.

· How do I do it? I narrow down the needs of each client and utilize personalized marketing strategies that help their business.

· Why do I do it? I do my job so that my community can achieve growth and my neighbors with small businesses can be successful.

The “why” of my job aligns very closely with my passion. I grew up in a small town with a population of 825 residents. It was important to me that I worked a career that would give the opportunity to not only help and support my town but also the small communities around me.

Are you struggling to find your why? Do you feel stuck in your current career path? Pick up Sinek’s book, and give it a read. It just might have the answers you’re looking for!

Purchase Start With Why by Simon Sinek at this independently owned bookstore located in Shelbyville-

-Story by Morgan Weaver

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