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June is the New January

Remember December 31, 2019? I know… it seems like an eternity ago. We all had hopes of a big year. After all, with a name like 2020, it has to be a good one, right? My work neighbor Duke Hamm of FocalPoint Business Coaching coined it “The Year of Perfect Vision.” I worked feverishly on marketing plans sure to send my clients into the next stratosphere. Our team marveled as the business world practically hummed with energy.

And then March hits. In mid-March the fast-paced, full-throttle world around us came to a screeching halt. It just stopped. Some of us had the opportunity to step back and reconfigure and slowly chug forward. Others waited, and trained, and planned, and yes… maybe worried.

Now we sit in the midst of May. Somehow the big year looks very different. Marketing plans need to be reconfigured. Goals need to be adapted. But something is still stirring within us.

Maybe “The Year of Perfect Vision” is still a thing, but not the way we first thought it would be. Maybe we just need to adjust our glasses a bit and get re-focused. Maybe our vision is perfected now more than ever:

  • We have had the chance to evaluate every aspect of our businesses.

  • We recognize the need to make our businesses nimble and adaptable.

  • We have a renewed value for health and well-being.

  • We know making relationships a priority (with customers, staff members, and even our families…) is what really matters.

So, here’s a proposal for you. Let’s make JUNE the new January. Let’s plan now for next month to be a relaunch into a new purpose and intention for 2020. Dust off those resolutions or toss them aside and start with new ones. We still have a little over six months left in this year to redeem it and make it what it was intended to be: The Year of Perfect Vision.

If I know one thing about small business owners, it’s this: We don’t give up easily. We don’t go down without a fight. We face adversity and eat it for breakfast. Yes, our businesses won’t look the same. Maybe we need to make a complete shift and start over. I do know this: We will survive. We have the ability to thrive.

What are you planning to achieve this month, this quarter, this year? Find a friend, mentor, or business coach (I happen to work next to a few…) to help launch you into the remainder of this year. Don’t give up on a whole year just because there was an obstacle in the way. Make 2020 YOUR year of perfect vision!

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