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Small Businesses Make the World Go Round

Thinking back on the career plans and goals I set for myself, I never knew exactly where I would land. While I had many dreams and ambitions, there is one career path I never quite gave much thought- working for a small business. Truly, I never imagined myself working in my hometown for a local small business.

Mid-way through completing my undergrad, I had my sights set on working for a large company. Think IU Health, Lilly, or People Magazine large. Senior year, however, I found myself connected with a Public Relations business just ten miles away from my childhood home. It took the first five minutes of my interview for me to completely change my entire life plan.

Why a small business, you ask? Why not a small business! Working at WholeHeart Communications has taught me patience, compassion, grit, and how much you can truly love thy neighbor. Our mission is “marketing with heart”- through that mission we put in blood, sweat, and tears to ensure other small businesses can thrive. Not only are we helping these businesses, but we’re creating the best relationships along the way.

The hard work I see these business owners display each and every day is inspiring. Many of them started their business with just a dream. A dream that I get to watch explode into reality and succeed. A dream that I, by the Grace of God, get to be a small part of.

When I walk into the locally owned gas station by my house, I’m greeted with, “hi Morgan, how was work today?” The waitresses at Temptations, the small restaurant by our office, always make sure to separate my food how I like it. The owner of Essential Homemaker sends me a text when she has a new product developed that I might enjoy. Do Target or Sephora employees do this? No, they absolutely do not.

The next time you find yourself in a small business, take a step back and admire the dream at work. Say thank you to the person working… working so hard to continue keeping the dream a reality. I know I can no longer picture my life working anywhere else. Small businesses are truly what make this world go round.

- Story by Morgan Weaver

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