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Why are Short-Form Videos Important to your Marketing Plan?

By: Rachel Snavely Appleby

By now you may have noticed that your social media feed is moving… instead of just images and text, you're likely seeing more videos. Even Facebook is pushing more video content in an attempt to compete with trendy TikTok and always-popular YouTube. As a business, should you hop on the short-form video trend? We believe you should. Here are 5 reasons why short-form videos are important to your marketing plan and will be beneficial to the growth of your business.

Engage with a broader audience

Do you feel like it's harder to reach your target customer?

With video marketing, you can increase your reach, and potential customers are more likely to follow your social media accounts. Using short-form video entices your target audience to watch for exciting news or stories, drawing them into your company's mission. People who are thrilled about your company’s mission tend to share the company's content with their own circle of friends and family.

Using short-form video, your company can help establish your brand, provide valuable information for potential customers, and even share stories of current customers who have used your product. When you are aiming to reach a broader audience, education and building rapport are crucial aspects of a video strategy.

Attract a more diverse client base (age, ethnicity, life paths, etc.)

Are you looking for ways to relate to a wide range of people?

Not only can you show different client bases through video, you can relate and interact with diverse groups of people. Through video, you can show clients from various age groups, ethnicities, and life paths.

By including diversity in video, underrepresented groups can find themselves in your company's marketing efforts. The personal nature of video promotes relatability and interaction.

Stay relevant with changing times

Keeping up with social media trends can be challenging, but companies that avoid trends risk becoming irrelevant. Producing captivating videos is a way to stay relevant and engage with consumers.

Software company HubSpot notes, “More than 60% of marketers say their customer acquisition cost has gone up. At the same time, 83% of video marketers say that video helps them generate leads.”

Video allows businesses to connect with people, convert those people into prospects, and then grow those prospects into paying customers. Even after a customer is "won," video can provide a way for them to feel validated in their buying decisions.

Repurpose content for multiple channels

Channels are forms of communication such as radio, television, flyers, social media, letters, emails, face-to-face meetings, and any form of mobile communication.

When presenting a product or service to the world, video is a way to encompass what you have to offer. Using video, you can tap into multiple channels. Not only can you repurpose your video for YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, but you can also use the content in your videos on your website.

At WholeHeart Communications, we encourage our clients to make the most of each piece of content. For example, a blog could be turned into an infographic, published as a poster, used in a monthly email newsletter, and transformed into an interactive video.

When people start to see consistency in your messages on all your platforms, this subconsciously creates credibility to your company.

Be cool

Videos are fun to create when you consider the endless possibilities. Not only are viewers more likely to interact with your business, you can also get your team members involved in creating videos.

From a survey by Marketing Dive, “Forty-five percent of all consumers and 56% of millennials find video more engaging than other formats. Video is the preferred form of brand and marketing communication for 36% of consumers overall and 46% of millennials.”

So what did we learn?

Video is the future of marketing as well as entertainment in general. Why is TikTok so popular? How have Instagram and Facebook reels become a thing so quickly? Why has YouTube become a space for online learning and binge-watching?

Videos are fun and cool! Consider incorporating videos into your marketing plan if you haven’t already. Let the videos roll and share in the community of content creation, you won’t regret it!

To learn more about WholeHeart Communications and our services- email today.


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