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  • Brittany Dicken

Storytelling: The Road To Connection

Person walking down the middle of the road

Each of us has a story - the pieces of us that make us unique.

The baggage we carry, the losses, the gains.

The incredible journey that is navigated as we attempt to do this thing called life. Business owners are no different. Your story is your drive, your purpose, and your why.

Although now is a time when we share more of our lives than ever before through social media, these intimate tidbits of information lie under the surface. The intricate details of a life and what makes you “YOU” typically don't present themselves during a meeting with a prospective client or shine through in a 30-second commercial.

However, it is essential that we change this trend. And let me tell you why.

Storytelling is a powerful, beautiful thing. Storytelling is how we engage our clients and relate to one another. Something the world desperately needs more of at this moment. Customers are searching for connection. They want to know that the hard-earned money spent is going to something, or someone, they believe in.

According to a Forbes Magazine article written by Marie Hatter in June 2022, “Storytelling is powerful because it creates an emotional connection between a company, its products and its customers. Effective storytelling increases engagement between a brand and its audience, which helps drive conversions and, ultimately, revenue growth.”

As a marketing and public relations company, our ultimate responsibility is prioritizing our clients’ bottom line. When they succeed, we succeed. But more than that, we have been gifted with the important opportunity to share their stories.

When we live in a world hungry for content, why not make that content authentic? Why not do our part, genuinely connecting our clients to their audience? The power to utilize the beautiful art of storytelling belongs to us. And with it comes engagement from a customer base that genuinely cares and feels invested in what they support.

Connection is the key to growth, and storytelling is the road that leads us there.

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