services and trainings

We at WholeHeart Communications have one goal. That goal is to help small business owners grow their profits and impact their community using marketing, public relations, and social media.


We accomplish this by offering...

Marketing On-ramp Program: We developed this program to ensure our clients receive all of the necessities from the get-go. Clients complete this program in two months, after which they may be given the opportunity to become a retained marketing client. See a sample on-ramp program by clicking here.

Social Media Trainings: These trainings have been created to teach YOU how to implement successful marketing tactics. There are several trainings to choose from, and range from beginner level to skilled. Our social media trainings are continuously updated according to media changes. See training menu by clicking here.

Project work: We offer project work on a case-by-case basis. This umbrellas everything from web content writing and social media graphics, to event marketing, blog writing, and more. Please contact us for inquiries.

Ala Heart Menu: Want help with specific marketing tasks? We now offer an "Ala Heart Menu". Within this menu you are able to select specific services you are in need of. See our menu by clicking here.

a few Henry County (and local area) businesses we serve:

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