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At WholeHeart Communications, we strive to help small business owners grow their profits and impact their community.


We accomplish this by offering...

Marketing Strategy: We help clients develop marketing plans that make sense. We can help implement a plan or coach your staff in implementation. 

Our primary way to work with clients is as retained marketing consultants. This means we set aside time each month to work on your marketing services. Retained Marketing packages begin at $600/month.

We also offer short-term project work where we help you get started and then equip your team to carry out your plans. See "Content Creation" below for more options. 

Marketing Strategy

Content Creation: How do you talk about your business? Is it in a way that makes sense to your target audience. Do you know who your target audience is? Our team of writers can develop a messaging guide to help inform all of your company's content. You can use this guide as the foundation for your website, promotional advertising, and social media content. 

We can also help you with website and social media assessments, blog articles, and print material content. We love helping you tell your stories, and we are also versed in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Content Creation

Short-Form Videos: According to Forbes, short-form videos reached the most social media interactions in 2022. Do you want to improve your marketing efforts? Video reaches audiences with captivating content, builds trust with your audience, and increases social media engagement. Our Video Services will put your marketing in motion.


Public Relations: We may be working on marketing or content, but our foundation is built on public relations. If your company doesn't evoke "feel good" feelings, it's hard to build a solid, profitable, sustainable business. We can help your company with an overall PR strategy that helps communicate your values to your potential customers... and fans! 

a few of the businesses we serve:

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