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The Sure Thing

Those of you who know me well know I don’t often hold Wal-Mart up as an outstanding example of business public relations. However, they have my applause in a move made a few weeks ago.

What was this genius move they made? They announced they would be closed on Thanksgiving “to manage their sales differently.” And they made this announcement on July 21.

While this move does help protect them from having to try to “socially distance” the throngs of sales-crazed shoppers, it does something more in this time of uncertainty: it shares something certain.

Nothing will happen between now and November 26 to make them change their minds. It won’t get canceled. There won’t be a rescheduled date. It’s a sure thing. Wal-Mart will be closed on Thanksgiving.

In the turmoil that 2020 has wrought, certainties are rare. Weddings are postponed, concerts are canceled, politics are wacky, and no one can definitively tell you what life will look like a month from now.

So, how is your business communicating CERTAINTY to your customers? How can you be a “safe place” for their souls? How can you build trust in these ambiguous times? Here are some ideas:

1. Share about long-term staff members. Seeing smiling human faces is something we’re all coming to appreciate in a new way, since even the smiles we’re used to seeing are now often wearing masks. Highlighting these staff members brings a human element to your company and also signals stability.

2. Plan something virtual designed to connect with your customers. One of our clients recently hosted a virtual open house to show off their remodeled office area. They personally visited with key connections in advance to invite them to this virtual event. The response from viewers was great… and it was not canceled or postponed.

3. Make a promise and deliver on it. Every morning at 10 am, I get a recorded phone call from one of the pastors at my church. It’s something I can count on every day, and it’s reassuring to hear them share birthdays in our congregation, along with a short devotional. Consider ways you can serve your audience with something they can count on. Can you post a motivational quote every Monday? Surprise a random customer on Wednesday? Provide an email with helpful tips on Friday? Create a plan for how you can deliver certainty.

If you need help creating certainty for your business, shoot me an email ( and we can set up a no cost assessment to see if our company can serve you.

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