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Using Facebook Like a Pro: Hackers

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

This article is part 2 in a series featuring tips about how to make Facebook work for you. Part 1 was focused on privacy settings.

Because I use Facebook in my business, and just because I am a naturally social person, I’m on Facebook a lot. One of the most annoying aspects of online life is HACKERS. I tend to be a rule-follower, so I have no idea what attracts people to hacking. I wish these folks would use their powers for good and not evil.

No matter what the psychological bent of hackers, the fact is that they’re out there. So how can you avoid being hacked?

  1. Be semi-active on Facebook. Most people that I see being hacked have let their accounts go dormant. If you’re not going to be on Facebook, close your account. If you’re going to be on Facebook, share something once a month. Who knows… you might like it!

  2. Don’t click on click-bait. You know the stories: “You’ll never guess what happened next!” Here’s a hint: It’s something stupid that will end up giving a hacker access to your account.

  3. Don’t fill out those surveys. Your friends don’t care what your IQ is, and let’s just say that if you test high on an IQ test given via Facebook, Harvard isn’t going to care either. Most of those surveys are a way for hackers to pillage your account. Don’t fall for them.

  4. Don’t “friend” someone who is already on your friend list or someone who you don’t even know. Hackers often create duplicate accounts. These accounts will have your friend’s pictures, name, etc. They are very sneaky. Before I “friend” anyone who requested, I check out that account to see if it’s legit.

What if you still get hacked? Even our best efforts can not preclude us from being in the crosshairs of a hacker.

  1. Report it to Facebook. Yep, just get over your mother’s voice in your head telling you not to tattle. The world is a better place when Facebook can shut down the hackers.

  2. Be a friend! When you see something that looks out of character for a friend to post, ask them about it or report the post. My sister is not going to post inappropriate videos. If I see something like this on her timeline, I’m going to report it.

  3. If you think you’ve clicked on a click-bait spam article, change your password, log out of every device, and log back in with your new password. It’s better to be safe from spammers!

Coming next in this series: General tips & tools

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