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Creating an Effective Promotion

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

It’s time to promote your latest product or service. How will you reach your customers and tell them how amazing it is? Here are some questions to consider (not necessarily in order) when planning your next promotion.

1. Who is my target market? One way to do this is to think about your ideal customer and create a demographic profile around that customer. Develop a buyer persona and identify as much as you can about the customers you’re trying to reach. For more about target markets, check out this article!

2. What’s the best way to reach my target audience? Pay close attention to the mediums that directly impact your audience, and be sure to choose multiple ways to deliver your message. A store flyer is great for existing customers, but won’t reach new customers. Instagram ads are great for younger buyers, but may not reach a retired audience who needs your services. Do your homework on the reach of ad networks and ask your ideal customers about the best ways to reach them.

3. What pain point does my ideal customer have that my product/service addresses? People are more likely to make a purchase when you address something they’re struggling with. Remember, your customer is the hero and you are the guide helping them to solve the problem they are facing. Pain points may include- time constraints, desire to be respected, financial struggles, or feelings of loneliness.

4. What goal am I trying to achieve? The more specific you can be about your goal, the more likely you will reach that goal. Put numbers on your goal and inform your staff so they can help you reach the goal you’re trying to achieve. 5. Is my message clear? Let’s camp out here for a bit. We’ve all seen a really creative commercial and then at the end we ask ourselves: “What product was that ad about?” Big companies can afford to throw something on the wall to see if it sticks. Small businesses don’t have that luxury. You have to be clear about your message from the start. Clarity has to trump cleverness when it comes to your message. It might be cute, but do people “get it”? On a practical level, make sure your message is readable if it’s in print. Don’t use fancy or too-small fonts, and use colors that stand out.

6. Do I have a compelling image/video? Video is super-trendy right now, so if you enjoy talking about your expertise in a concise video or have a customer story to share, go for it! There are plenty of good resources online to help you get started with simple videos. Not such a fan of video? Images are great, too. Try to use original photos, but don’t be afraid to use well-produced stock photos, like those you may find on services like Shutterstock or Deposit Photos.

7. Do I have a clear call to action? Don’t assume your audience knows what to do with your promotion. Be very clear in their next action, and make it as simple as possible. Buy now, learn more, call today, or schedule a tour may be calls to action to consider.

8. How will I measure results?

Keep the end in mind as you plan your campaign. Are you looking for foot traffic? Do you want to gain referrals? Make the phone ring? Think about how you will measure the success of your campaign.

Taking time to plan your promotions before you get started may mean asking some hard questions. But as you are able to intentionally move forward in your campaign, you’ll be glad you took the time to ask these questions.

Shout out to my Primetime BNI group for being such a great audience for this information during my last presentation. If you’re looking to meet a group of energetic professionals, contact me for information about our group.

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