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Encouragement and Education for Small Business Owners: 8 Resources

Owning a small business can be draining, so it’s important to fill your tank with helpful resources. You also need to be continually learning to stay ahead of trends. If you’re looking for encouragement and education, here are eight resources for you.

  1. Small Business Bonfire. This website is jam-packed with articles to help you solve your dilemmas, and help you point out issues before they become real problems. Their email updates are great, and they do a super job of sharing on Facebook and Twitter.

  2. The Profit. This is one of my favorite TV shows. It provides a vision of how businesses can go from unhealthy to healthy. Think of it as a makeover show, but for businesses.

  3. Entreleadership. This is a podcast that I simply do not miss. I learn a lot and it also provides me the pep talk I need to start the day. Dave Ramsey founded this as an off-shoot of his “Financial Peace” business. The podcast features top-level business thinkers and is geared specifically to small business owners.

  4. Building a Storybrand. While we’re on the subject of podcasts, here’s another one for you. Donald Miller founded Storybrand to help businesses clarify their messages. As a marketer, this is my bedrock philosophy podcast. I discover ways to help my clients speak clearly to their customers. Donald also shares helpful information for small business owners and those who just want to improve the way they communicate.

  5. How I Built This. Ok, I have to throw in one more podcast… I just discovered this, thanks to a friend who understands my obsession with how businesses grow. It’s an NPR-produced program highlighting business owners who have “made it.” It’s encouraging to hear about how even the most successful business owners experienced challenges, and it’s interesting to discover how they overcame those challenges.

  6. Small Business Revolution. If you’ve followed me for any period of time, you know my obsession with this movement. It’s really sparked my “why” as I help small businesses in my area learn how to market themselves and grow their profits and impact in this community. Deluxe sponsors this web series which, travels to small towns across America to give small businesses what they need to succeed. This is one that may cause a little excess moisture in the eyes, but it’s definitely worth watching. They’ll produce another series in 2018, but until then, watch the back episodes and get inspired.

  7. Your local Chamber of Commerce. I’ve been a member of our local chamber for several years, and it’s been an excellent way to connect with other business owners. Additionally, as a “solopreneur,” it’s handy to have someone to bounce ideas with. The New Castle-Henry County chapter that I belong to hosts monthly activities and provides ways for local businesses to connect with the community. If your chamber isn’t that great, get involved and see what you can do to help improve it. Or move to Henry County and join our chamber!

  8. Your area Small Business Development Center. Full disclosure: one of my clients I serve is the East Central Indiana Small Business Development Center. But I am also one of their clients. What this means is that they provide free business consulting services to me. The advice they’ve given has saved me thousands of dollars and helped me grow my business exponentially. This service is available to most any small business owner. If you live in Indiana, you can find out more at If you live in another state, check with to see what’s available near you.

This is by no means an exhaustive list… just a handful of resources I’ve found useful. What are some resources that have helped you?

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