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Five Constants in Social Media

There’s one thing you can always count on in social media: it’s always changing. The landscape of social media has changed drastically since it started. It takes hours each week to attempt to keep up with trends and changes. Some things, however, have stayed remarkably the same. So as you build your company’s social media presence, focus on these things:

  1. Know your customer. Understand what their needs are. Find out what social networks they are using. Think about how you can serve them and connect with them on social media. A lot of this comes from being social… not just in social media… but in your business. Interacting with customers will give you a wealth of information about how to serve them better. You’ll learn how to speak their language and develop long-term relationships.

  2. Use compelling visuals. An image can do so much to capture attention, but moreover, it helps develop a connection with your consumer. Don’t overdo the selfies, but take the occasional photo or video of yourself or a staffer, or even a valued customer (with permission).

  3. Use words. Really good words. Experts are now saying that words will soon surpass images in impact because we are so bombarded visually. Speak to your audience. Know the words they connect with, and use their language. If you need help with words, here are a few resources:  Article: Book: Building a Storybrand by Donald Miller

  4. Do it well. If you can’t manage doing more than one social network, pick one and do it really well. Don’t post 12 times one day and then go AWOL for a month. Don’t relegate the task to your cousin’s neighbor’s brother who knows nothing about your business, but “is a kid, so he knows all about computer stuff.” Just. No. It doesn’t have to be you doing the posting. It can be someone else in your business, or a professional who knows your business. But whatever you do, remember that this will reflect on your business. Be sure the reflection is positive.

  5. Follow up with excellent customer service in person. Have you ever encountered a brand who was amazing online but ho-hum in person? Don’t be that company. Wow customers online. Wow customers even more when they contact you to do business. In the small business world in particular, we have to go beyond good customer service and offer an outstanding customer experience.

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