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Using Facebook Like a Pro: The Catch-All

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Our house has a drawer that we have labeled the junk drawer. It’s really an unfair term, because the drawer contains very important things like our collection of pens, pencils, sticky notes, and athletic passes. A better title would be the “catch-all drawer.”

The past two blogs have focused on privacy and hackers, but now it’s time for some “catch-all” Facebook topics that didn’t warrant entire blogs, but are important nonetheless.

Saving posts- I don’t know how many times I’ve seen someone share something on their own page and say they are “saving this for later.” Sometimes it’s something relatively private and I feel like I should avert my eyes. Here’s a trick: You can save posts by simply clicking on the arrow to the right of the post and selecting “Save post.” Now, if you’re like me, your saved posts folder (located to the left on your FB feed on desktop or in the “more” section of your mobile app) begins to resemble my Pinterest boards… full of awesome stuff I haven’t read yet. But I will get to it. Someday.

Events- Facebook continues to evolve its event platform, and it’s really growing on me. I’ve created pretty large public events and had the ability to communicate with attendees and provide event updates. I also just created an event for a group of my friends attending a concert with me. If you share my intense hatred of group texts, you will know how huge this could be for you. Events can be made private or public. It’s a great way to plan a surprise party.

Photos/Videos- Facebook has so many fun options for sharing your photos and videos. Be sure to look into canvases or slideshows when loading your photos or videos. They’re very interactive and can show people your fun vacation without making people block you for posting one picture at a time, 20 times over, on your feed.

Facebook Live- I find this to be a blast for my clients, but haven’t used it personally yet. Basically, you can “broadcast” whatever you’re doing and that video can be watched “Live” by your followers. Think Skype meets Facebook. The video then lives on your newsfeed. This would have been great when my kids were little and family couldn’t make it to their birthday parties.

Hopefully you’ve found this series to be helpful. There’s one more blog brewing in me about using Facebook Like a Pro, and this one will be for all my fellow entrepreneurs. I’ll be talking about Using Facebook Like a Pro for your business.

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